your pics

mick and miki
great pics, just showed my friends they thought they were great!!!


Hi micky & Mikaela liked the works of art!! Hope to go to gallery soon.
One day I hope my work will be in a gallery too. Bye for now

For your guest book

Very nice site, uncluttered, as they say. And a good opportunity to have a free look at some of your great pictures. Keep up the good work.
All the best,
Bob (from Tower Hamlets)


Hi Mick!
Groovy site. It works well! Looks sharp.
Very professional.
And the work is just oustanding.
See you whenever you are for a wander to the south.
Megan Fishpool


I am the proud owner of three (3) original Davies' none of which are on your site.

Would you like to photograph them for inclusion?

I'm sure we could come to some arrangement!
Ken Young

You never told me you were famous!!!

Hello there!

The Christmas cards arrived in the post today and I remebered that i wanted to show Noel the etchings I'd seen you colouring at your house the last time I was there. I googled you and found out there's a whole website!!!

See you and all the family soon (colds and seasonal obligations of all kinds permitting...)

Geraldine Sammons